The Hell of Ashdown

A beautiful sunny (but cold) morning in the English Countryside, taking in the historic and beautiful counties of Kent and West Sussex, 106km of cycling at its best. The organisers (Catford CC) may be duly proud of their achievement, great marshalling and organisation, thanks guys! I together with two others from the Verulam made the… Continue reading The Hell of Ashdown

Commute Home on Mountain bike

Don’t think my legs have ever felt so worked…. Again, it is interesting that the moving time and moving average speed are not so far adrift. However, on Friday, I may revert to my trusty winter bike….

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Review of 2011Cycling

Over the year, I cycled over 5000 miles, (only those recorded on my Garmin) and spent some 335 hours on the bike (well actually across the three bikes, the Roubaix, the Shorter and the Giant winter bike).  It is interesting looking at the numbers, given that I broke my hand in January, so was off… Continue reading Review of 2011Cycling

Turbo can’t keep up…

This morning I decided it was definitely time for a turbo as we were not able to ride into work. I had done 30km when the turbo started slipping, not good. I had to I’ve it up. As I was working from home I was able to ring the distributor (for the cyclops Fluid2) who… Continue reading Turbo can’t keep up…